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TITLE: The Cunning Fox

I. Orientation

a. When : on fine day

b. Where : a cake stall

c. Who : a crow

d. What : see the cake and grab it

II. Complication

a. A fox came and wanted the crow’s cake.

b. He found an idea to take the cake from the crow.

III. Resolution

a. The fox asked the crow to sing.

b. When the crow sang, the fox grabbed the cake which fell out of her mouth.


It was fine day. A crow was flying about when she saw many pieces of cake at a cake stall. There wasn’t anybody around. So the crow quickly flew down and grabbed a big piece of cake with her beak. Then, she flew away to a tree.

Just as she was about to eat the delicious cake, a fox came by. Now, this fox, a very cunning animal, wanted the cake very badly. “How can I get that cake from that crow?” the fox thought slyly. Then, he had an idea. “Oh, beautiful crow!” he said. “Your feathers are so beautiful. There is no other bird as pretty as you and your voice, such a sweet, melodious one. Please sing me a song!”

The stupid crow was extremely pleased. She fell for cunning fox’s flattery, and opened her mouth to sing. Alas, when she did so, the cake fell out of her mouth. The clever fox grabbed the cake and laughed. “Ha! Ha! Ha! I tricked you. There isn’t any other bird as stupid as you.”

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